Do you relish the look of smooth ceilings?  So do we!  There are numerous homes throughout Myrtle Beach that have been textured and painted.  Let Premier Painting and Drywall of Myrtle Beach give your ceilings and walls a face lift.  Ask us how easy it is to get your ceilings back to smooth.


Ever wonder why so many homes and condos have textured ceilings?  The answer is simple.  Builders want to hide imperfections.  Many companies in and around Myrtle Beach know that light streaming across an imperfect ceiling brings the kind of attention they’d rather not have.  It’s easier to just add texture than make it smooth.


Eventually though that textured ceiling becomes a liability.  All it takes is for a crack to develop across your ceiling and the nightmare of making it disappear begins.  At this point, you need a professional  painting and drywall repair company to do the tedious  work for you.  The texture has to be taken down, the crack fixed,  and then retextured to match the surrounding ceiling.  You can be in London, Moscow or Myrtle Beach and the procedure is still the same.  Call Premier Painting and Drywall of Myrtle Beach to get the job done right!